make a connection

ordinary gift cards

can seem so...ordinary

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a gift card with your own personal touch that makes someone smile? Let the ConnectNow gift card kiosk help you make a connection that will be forever remembered.


create the perfect, personal gift

in about a minute

The ConnectNow self-service kiosk is convenient, easy to use and there is no standing in line to make your purchase. Simply choose your gift card design, create your message, select  your dollar amount, and make your purchase.
It couldn’t be easier to create the perfect gift. 

Shouldn't a gift reflect your personal touch?

A gift card doesn’t have to say “I grabbed this on the way over.” It can say something more – a  personal message from you to someone you love. ConnectNow not only lets you select a card for a specific occasion, but it also allows you to add a personal message to the card. Creating a distinctive, personal gift.

Make it memorable™

Ever curious who gave you that gift card you have been carrying in your wallet?  The recipient of the gift card you purchased is wondering the same thing.

The ConnectNow gift card kiosk allows you to create something special that will be remembered.  Your gift will reflect your thoughtfulness and provide a memory long after your gift was given.


first impressions

are important

Shouldn’t your gift card reflect the investment you just made? With ConnectNow not only does your gift card have your personal touch but it is presented in a holder specifically designed to showcase it. 

Does the packaging of your gift reflect its worth?

We think it should.

We have brought together leading design artists to create Digital Inc®, a brand that has fashioned a broad selection of beautifully crafted gift card holders that were made specifically to complement the gift card design and present your gift card in style.

G _digital Inc

Gift card holders created to make your gift card look perfect.

Until now the options for presenting your gift card have been either greeting cards that are not designed to hold or match your gift card, or tacky placards that don’t reflect the value of your gift.

Digital Inc has a wide range of card holders for every occasion that transforms your gift card from bland to amazing.


build loyalty by transforming gift cards

into something fun

Giving consumers the ability to add their personal touch in a fun, easy to use self-service kiosk will have them coming back for more. And this unique experience will be shared with all the recipients of the personalized gift cards.  It’s the perfect way to attract new consumers into your store locations. 

Increasing sales doesn’t have to mean sale pricing.

Enabling your customers to create something special in about a minute and have fun doing it means you can increase sales while preserving margins.

With the ConnectNow personalized gift card kiosk you will be creating a fun and innovative experience that consumers will be excited to call their own.

There's a better way to manage gift cards.

Gift card management can be difficult with the long lead times to get new design inventory, labor and space requirements for displays, and guest services time in selling and activating the cards. The ConnectNow kiosk takes the hassle out of gift card management.

The kiosk has a very small footprint and an appealing design that can carry your branding.  And we manage all stocking and maintenance of the kiosk.  Consumers and employees love it because it’s self-service (meaning no more standing in long lines for gift card purchases), and because our gift card kiosks transform an ordinary gift card into something special.

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